A financial planner helps you to organise your money and assets to suit your needs both today and in the future.  You can use their advice to get yourself out of debt and save for a deposit on your first home, to recover financially after a divorce or to set up a plan to secure your retirement.

Whatever your current financial situation, a financial planner can help you to achieve your goals. Financial planning can be described as simply being sensible with your money and knowing how to navigate the best roads through all the available options to reach your goals.

A financial planner doesn’t just talk about investments and buying stocks however, this is simply one of the options that might be available to some people. The basis of good financial planning is all about savings and cashflow, because if you don’t have enough cashflow for your daily needs, you can’t save enough to plan for your future.

So, in general, a financial planner can help you with managing your budget, loans and debts, buying insurances and investments, and sorting out your superannuation. Let’s take a look at these topics right now.

    • Budgeting and cashflow: Your financial adviser will look at your income and your debts and discuss how you can achieve your gaols. This might be paying off your debts, saving for a new car, a deposit on a home or even a holiday or investment portfolio. Your adviser will then create a workable plan to achieve your goals in a given time frame
    • Loans and debts: If you have multiple credit card debts or personal loans, even a mortgage, your financial planner can help you to organise your finances so that you can comfortably pay these debts and still have a life! On the other hand, if you need to consolidate your debts and take out one loan to pay them off more easily, your adviser can also help you to achieve this outcome.
    • Buying insurances: Most financial planners also act as insurance brokers and can help you decide which insurances are the most suitable for your personal, business and financial situation.
    • Buying investments: If you are at a stage where you want to create an investment portfolio, your financial planner can help you to explore these options, deciding which type of investments might be the most suitable, as well as managing your portfolio.
    • Superannuation: Taking control of your super is important to your financial future, so it’s vital that your super fund is the best one for your needs, helping you to achieve your financial goals for when you retire. A financial planner can help you to change super funds and to decide whether it is best for you to increase your payments or if some other investment is more suitable to achieve your go
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