We are still a long way off equal pay for men and women unfortunately.  On top of that it is usually women who take time off full time employment for motherhood, sacrificing superannuation and wages along with it.  Awareness is improving, however as a woman, investing in a financial plan is an excellent way to help you bridge the salary and super gap and build your wealth. 

There are a number of ways women can move towards wealth creation, including:


A financial planner can, of course, advise you on a number of non-gender-specific financial issues, such as setting a budget, paying down debt, saving, investing, superannuation, planning for retirement and more.

But there are specific money matters, applicable to women only that a good planner can also address.  These include lower salaries resulting from gender pay gap and less superannuation due to time off work.

Financial planners will use their knowledge and expertise to help you develop a clear strategy for managing your finances and achieving your personal financial goals. They’ll work closely with your particular circumstances to help you create a financial plan.


Investing can be scary when you don’t know much about it.  Once again a financial planner can help in creating an investment plan.  They will make clear recommendations concerning investments; to outline both the potential risks and rewards of investing; and to communicate any changes that could impact your investments, such as spikes or slumps in the market. (Keep in mind, however, that financial planners – however good they are – cannot predict market behaviour or ensure a positive outcome.)

A financial planner can also help you figure out the level of risk you’re comfortable with when it comes to investing. It’s important to find a financial planner you have a good rapport with and who works to your comfort level.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to start investing. You can start with a small reserve of savings.


The big obstacle here is the gender pay gap, as your super is determined on your salary.  However there are some things you can do to boost your super. 

  • Salary sacrificing - This involves deducting an amount directly from your salary; consequently, you’ll pay less income tax, too.
  • Super splitting - This enables husbands to divide their superannuation contribution between their own funds and those of their wives’.
  • Out-of-pocket contributions - Keeping in mind that you can’t access your super before you retire, you might want to contribute regular – affordable – amounts to your fund.


Many professions have an independent guide to salary expectations based on factors like your qualifications and years of experience. If you don’t know whether you are being paid appropriately, check a salary guide site such as Hays or Live Salary.

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