Our Mums, the ones we rely on for comfort, advice and support are probably the least likely thought of for needing financial advice.  However, they are probably the most vulnerable.  Particularly if they have recently become widowed or divorced (Recent statistics indicate that the majority of women over the age of 65 are single. 

Recent figures suggest that life expectancy for women is 89 years of age. It is crucial your Mum is going to have the money to live comfortably to have fun as well as take care of bills, health costs, holidays etc.

Your Mum might already be behind the eight ball with her savings and superannuation if she took time off to be a stay at home Mum.  She also may have earned less than her husband for the majority of her career too. 

A financial planner can help ensure she has an emergency fund, spending and investment plan, superannuation, insurances and estate planning all set up to suit her personal circumstances.  She will also need to consider a plan for long term care if required.  Having financial freedom can take a lot of stress away and make the way for your Mum to enjoy the best years of her life.

This Mother’s Day why not consider giving your Mum a consultation with a financial planner rather than the usual flowers or chocolates.  What could be a better gift than safeguarding their financial future.   Happy Mother’s Day!

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