Taking the time for a trip away over the Easter long weekend sounds fantastic. But it needs planning. Not to mention the price hikes that always seem to take place just before Easter, so you’re paying 20 cents more per litre for fuel and accommodation, costs triple over normal prices.

If you can avoid going away for Easter, you will be saving so much that you could probably afford to go away for a week, somewhere even nicer, at another off-peak time. You will also save yourself from stress of being stuck in traffic on a 3 hour trip that’s ballooned out to 7 hours (I speak from experience!) or at the airport, with what seems to be half the city, waiting to board a delayed flight…

Stay at home and enjoy time with the family. Take the kids to the local park for a picnic and you’ll probably have it all to yourself, and for free. Check out some of the local sights, you might be surprised at some of the beautiful places not 20 minutes away, that you have never seen. You can take your visitors there next time they come.

If you absolutely must travel at Easter, make sure your car is prepared and you have plenty of water, and maybe a snack or two on hand for those hours sitting in traffic, if it’s a road trip you’re going on. For air travel, make sure your devices are charged to 100% just before you leave and you’ve got some entertainment installed on your phone or tablet. Most importantly for either case, dress comfortably!

For overseas travel, check that your credit/debit card doesn’t charge foreign transaction, foreign exchange or foreign ATM fees. These very quickly add up, especially for big sums like accommodation or flights, which sometimes add their own credit card fee to the mix.

Whatever you do, try to relax this Easter - and look forward to a nice trip away some other time.