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Amanda McCall's passion for finance

Amanda McCall’s passion for finance

Amanda McCall was not made in the usual Financial Planner’s mould. In a field where dryness, confusion and mystery abound, her refreshingly enthusiastic, and at times innovative approach to financial planning makes her a breath of fresh air.

Amanda’s passion for finance is apparent in the way she has enthusiastically created wealth for her clients and herself, and her mission is to ‘make finance fun’.

Creating major differences for client’s

Whether it is enabling them retire on their current income and savings rather than the full pension, helping them to retire faster and enjoy their quality of life, or protecting their wealth by finding the right insurance to meet their specific needs.

Amanda is also a strong believer in actively educating people and involving them in the process of creating their future wealth.

Certified financial planner based in Brisbane

Holds a Diploma of Financial Planning, an Associate Diploma in Business Accounting and is a Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. Amanda is also a Member of the Financial Planning Association and a Commissioner for Declarations.

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